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Hot and Dry – Snakes Don’t Like It Any More Than You Do

This next weekend it is going to be hot. 117 for at least two days, and no water in sight. That means everyone will be headed indoors, including rattlesnakes.

This time of year, our calls are few and far between. Where we normally are running several per day, one a day will be more typical. Why is this? Snakes are simply trying to stay out of the heat and lay low until the monsoon rains come. That is weeks away, and rattlesnakes are left with few options but to get in deep, somewhere out of the sun, and wait it out. Similar to how some animals hibernate to deal with cold temperatures, rattlesnakes hide away during the brutal Arizona summer months and wait for rain.

Just because the snakes may be hiding, doesn’t mean you should stop keeping an eye out for them if you live where they do. A garage or door left open quickly becomes a cool cave for animals to hide in, and it is not uncommon to see rattlesnakes tucked away in the back storage areas or inside the pool house. As always, if you see one, leave it alone and call 480-237-9975 to have it safely removed.

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