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3 years in, it’s apparent that the city of Scottsdale is where a rattlesnake is most likely to end up in your yard. Not all of it of course, but much of the area North of the 101, and East into Fountain Hills are places we visit often.

For 24/7 rapid response snake removal, call 480-237-9975.

The reason for this is simple – more Scottsdale yards are native desert, or back right up to desert habitat, than elsewhere in the valley. Much of the development is recent, and strict HOA guidelines keep habitat suitable for desert wildlife, including rattlesnakes.

Does this mean you are in danger, or you should avoid buying a house in Scottsdale? Absolutely not! A snake in the yard can be a dangerous situation, but it doesn’t have to be if you remember to respect the animal and take care of the basics. Those are:

  1. Keep the yard free of debris, as much as possible.
  2. Reduce resources – rodents, water, and places to hide.
  3. If you see a snake, leave it alone, and call an expert to relocate it.

In all of the people we’ve met who have had snakes removed from their property, we’ve learned that home owners who are friendly to wildlife do not lose any more dogs, kids, or livestock than those who kill them as they see them.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

The most common snake we are called to catch in the valley.

Many of the snakes that we are called to catch in the Scottsdale area are harmless varieties – gophersnakes, kingsnakes, coachwhips, and house-seeking snakes such as the nightsnake and groundsnake. In almost all cases, anything that isn’t a rattlesnake is great to have around the house. Kingsnakes and coachwhips will actually eat a rattlesnake if they find one, and gophersnakes are always hungry; the best free pest control available. Seeing these snakes can also serve as a little reminder that you do live where native snakes can reach, and they are there for a reason; often a resource provided by the yard. Seeing one of these harmless snakes may be a good time to take preventative measures like having snake proof fencing installed, having your dog trained and vaccinated, and teaching yourself and your family about snakes in the area.

If you do see a snake that you’d like to be identified, email a photo to, or text a photo to 480-694-3020. As part of our effort to keep people and snakes safe in peaceful coexistence, identification and answers to any questions you have about reptiles in Arizona are always available at no cost.


This threat display is harmless, if you pay attention! A gophersnake may strike, hiss, and rattle its tail when it feels threatened, though this is all a show. A gophersnake is capable of biting, but if you are bitten by a gophersnake, you likely have earned it by picking it up!

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One Response to “24/7 Snake Removal – Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, & Cave Creek”

  1. Crotalus says:

    “…if you are bitten by a Gopher Snake, you likely earned it by picking [the snake] up.”

    Ayup. But when I was young, I knew what I was grabbing, and wanted it bad enough to take a bite that I knew was harmless.

    God bless the harmless snakes! (O.K., the rattlers too, as He lifted the curse in Acts, 10:3.

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