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Finally, rain! Snakes are also thankful.

With all the rain yesterday, the only real rain the valley has had since December (there was that little spat on the 4th of July, but it was steam by mid morning the next day), and possibly the best storm in years, snakes are on the move!

Unlike how it is often reported by local news around the country, hotter doesn’t mean better when it comes to snakes. They prefer temperatures to be in the mid-80′s, which is where their body works most efficiently. High temperatures (110F) is usually fatal to a rattlesnake, and the ground outside is at least that hot by 8am most mornings in mid summer. Much of June and May have been nothing but hot and dry, and the snakes have been hiding, waiting for the rain to cool things off and get prey moving. They now have the next few months to eat all they can, find mates, have babies, and take care of much of the active part of their lives.

That means this time of year is when you are most likely to find a snake in your yard! Keep the garage closed, fences closed, double check that fencing around the yard for holes. Be extra vigilant in the early morning when leaving the house; it is common for snakes to lie coiled in entryways and sleep. Any gardening or yardwork should be done with caution; never put hands where you cannot see, and of course keep the yard as clean as possible. The first rule of snake safety still applies: if you see a snake, leave it alone!

This is one of the several snakes caught today, brought out by the rain; a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake caught in the East Valley by Rick.

If you or anyone you know has a snake that needs to be removed, call 480-237-9975 24 hours a day for immediate assistance.

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